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Introduction - Isuzu Cars

Founded in 1937 Isuzu, a Japanese car making company has a rich history. The company has its headquarters in Tokyo runs some of its manufacturing and assembling plants in Fujisawa as well. Isuzu Motors Ltd manufactures heavy trucks and commercial vehicles and is a pioneer in the field of diesel engines. Isuzu showed the way for few new technology like direct injection system, turbocharger with intercooler high pressure fuel injection systems. These concepts revolutionized the concept of manufacturing engines. Isuzu's engines are accepted worldwide in the companies like Adam Opel in Germany, General Motors in USA.

Isuzu heavy vehicles

The company is also famous for its trucks. The trucks are fuel efficient with new age designs and in compliance with the euro 3 standards. The company believes in the theme of "POWER, PERFORMANCE AND RELIABILITY" blended perfectly. It has got its operations from Europe, Asia, and America. Other than this company no diesel manufactures have such good sales network. Well not only cars, buses and trucks they also manufactures marine engines. Those engines are really powerful and reliable producing 30 to 830 hp engines.

Latest developments and safety

The Isuzu D-max is a multipurpose pickup truck which has got killing looks and unparallel performance. These breed of trucks comes with a 2.5 to 3 liter engines which has got monstrous power. Another important aspect of these trucks is their safety features. They come with ABS (anti lock braking systems) which prevents wheel lock during emergency stops, and also these trucks have EBD (electronic brake force distribution) it balances the braking power and thus gives more control while breaking. These trucks also have air bags in the front seats in order to reduce the impact of the force in case of an accident.

Environmental factors in car manufacturing

Coming back to the world class diesel car engines, one of the most important concerns these engines being made in compliance with the international environmental norms. The engines are superbly fuel efficient as well as environmental friendly. These cars are time tested and they have proven there worth in the world market. In the SUV segment the Isuzu engines have proved there worth. Their automobiles come with world class styling as well.

Isuzu vehicle performance in different regions

According to the latest press releases the D- Max is among the first among diesel pickups in the Dakar rally in Argentina and Chile, in January. The company also manufactures industrial engines for various transport purposes. All this and the reliability of the company make for Isuzu being the brand name that people and distributers trust. As it is said earlier, the reliability of the technology with Isuzu manufacturers is a guarantee. That is the reason why probably their engines were used in the expedition to Antarctica several times. The other unparalleled aspect of the company is their ever efficient customer support. It needn't be established to most Isuzu customers that the company specializes in the manufacturing of all kinds of vehicles and their engines have proved their worth in the small automobile segment to the heavy and light duty trucks.